Our history

Nothing defines the tradition of a company as much as its history. A lasting history testifies about experience, consistency and establishment. We believe that our history corresponds to these values and is an important part of our development and success. Therefore, we cordially invite you to follow our elaborately traced history by means of original pictures.

Our standards

We want to offer our customers the best possible experience in fast paced environments. The standards of the gastronomy industry have party changed. Tradition, attention to detail and high quality-products can rarely be found in gastronomic companies nowadays.

To continue manifesting these standards our ice cream and pizza is being produced using only the finest ingredients and perfected recipes in our own premises. Our stores and furniture are designed and produced in Italy to follow the initial vision to transfer traditional Italian foods and in addition the specific style. When it comes to employees we rely on a long-termed
employment relationship and are super thankful and proud for every single one of our team members as they are an important part of our company.

italian ingedients
The best Italian Ingredients
To create highest quality products each ingredient is carefully picked. We value our ingredients grades and origin. Thus, some of our products come from regional companies located in our hometown where we have full transparency and can specialize the products to our needs.
our standerds
Our experienced employees
Each and every single person in our company brought us to where we are today. We are thankful to host a very qualified team of employees who truly perfected their craft and strive on receiving more applications from people who want to work in a nice working climate and bring out the best part of themselves.
original recipe
The original recipes
The founders grew up working on agricultural fields thus learning early what separates high quality products from the rest. Given that background, the companies recipe is being perfected since 1981 and is constantly improving judging from a very critical and questioning viewpoint.

Let's talk

You have unanswered questions, wish for more indepth information regarding a topic, are interested in partnering up with us or simply want to share your experience or say hi? Make sure to conteact us. We will process your request as soon as possible and are happy to help.

Order to owners

Our quality ice cream is not only available for customers but also for businesses of every branch. Order ice cream buckets directly to your store through our online checkout tool.

our story

Become a partner

We offer a variety of advantages to our partners to fulfill every need. From our highest quality products to years of experience or a big stage to present upcoming products.First the people then the concept. Successful together – because with us as your partner both applies.

Let's eat

Planning to eat at one of our stores? Make sure to book a table and we will keep it reserved so you can enjoy our food and service. In case our stores are too busy we happily invite you to “Order now” and receive our traditional food anywhere else you want in our area.