Our pizza topping – Lucana Salumi

It is no secret that our products are produced and topped with high quality ingredients. Especially for our pizzas topped with meat, we have a partner at our side who is based in our village of origin Picerno and supplies us.

 Lucana Salumi was founded in 1969, so we are connected not only by the same origin but also by our tradition. We regularly visit the production and get insights that are only granted to partners and close confidants. We are not only convinced of the quality of the products, but it is also confirmed by several certifications obtained by Lucana Salumi. These include the prestigious international BRC and IFS certifications, which set high standards for food products at a global level. 

The extensive production facilities allow us, in close consultation with our trusted partner for many years, to coordinate goods that are precisely and individually tailored to our pizza dough, our ovens and our taste vision. Convince yourself and try our pizzas with meat products, the Italian breakfast or our Antipasto Completo.

Enjoy your meal,

di Russillo