The origin of our unique coffee taste

The decisive factor in the taste of coffee is its origin.
Every few years we visit international trade fairs for gastronomy to ensure that we offer the best-tasting coffee Italian coffee.

Between so many suppliers, it’s easy to lose track. However, we are proud to have Manuel Café as our partner. Manuel Café sees itself as an ambassador for Italian coffee culture worldwide and thus has similar visions to ours. They themselves say that they “have always been convinced of the quality and specialness of the coffee break as [you] experience it in Italy. A rite that accompanies us Italians since youth and that Manuel Caffè now wants to spread outside Italy. To enjoy, even in faraway places, the aroma and style of an inimitable coffee and the pleasure of a real taste experience. To experience that certain moment of “dolce vita” that only Italy can give. A cup of Manuel coffee brings together all the passion of a 40-year project. The result of the great commitment to quality of two generations of families who, yesterday as today, skillfully combine tradition, passion and innovation to create unique coffees.”

We share not only a vision but also quality standards and the same tradition of a family-run business. The always positive feedback from our customers confirms that we offer the best coffee. Because in order to convey the overall Italian image, even the smallest detail must be right. Only with the best quality can the pleasure be fully experienced on the way to work, at breakfast or to get through the day.

Please continue to share your experiences with us, this is the only way to ensure that our fine selection of products and partners is appreciated.

di Russillo.

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