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After Eight Icecream

95,00 120,00 

The refreshing taste of mint meets dark chocolate chips ...

Amarena Icecream

95,00 120,00 

The aroma of the unique, dark red Amarena cherry means...

Aperol Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Aperol Orange is the refreshing alternative to a summer aperitif....

Banana Icecream

95,00 120,00 

di Russillo Banana ice cream is characterized by a pleasant...

Bittersweet Chocolate Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Due to the rare milk-free production process of our dark...

Cappuccino Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Strong espresso flavor meets milk cream ...

Chocolate Icecream

95,00 120,00 

From specially chosen cocoa beans for our chocolate ice cream,...

Cocos Iceceam

95,00 120,00 

The sweet, nutty and mild flavor spreads a feeling of...

Coffee Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Our coffee ice cream tastes very aromatic and ...

Cookies Icecream

95,00 120,00 

With crunchy chocolate pieces worked into the ice cream ...

Eggliqueur Icecream

95,00 120,00 

A liqueur for pure pleasure. Its low alcohol strength makes...

Green Apple Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Our green apple ice cream tastefully reflects a ...

Hazelnut Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Intense nutty and aromatic flavor ...

Honeymelon Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Sugarsweet, mild and at the same time juicy melon flavor.


95,00 120,00 

A mixture between fruity, sweet and slightly acidic. ...

Lime Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Lime is particularly sour, comparable to our lemon ice cream,...

Malaga Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Raisins preserved in high-quality rum with ...

Mango Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Let yourself be seduced by the aromatic fruity-sweet taste....

Maracuja Icecream

95,00 120,00 

An exotic experience between sweet and sour. ...

Mozart Icecream

95,00 120,00 

Creamy nougat meets a slightly bitter marzipan-pistachio note.

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