We open the curtain – New website

The roots of our tradition and presence in the gastronomy industry reach far into the past. Our digital presence is almost as old. This is now changing abruptly, so that our website offers you some features, which we will go into more detail in this article.

Our company is particularly specialized in two products: Our ice cream and our pizzas. No recipes have been perfected as long as from these dishes, so we pay special attention to them.

You can find out more about our varieties and flavors under the ice cream and pizza headings. You can also learn more about our in-house ice cream and pizza production and its quality.

As an expanding company with clear values, quality standards and concept, you can call up our stores at any time under “Locations”. Here you get the possibility to see via Google-Maps where we are located, you can request direct directions and you can also see the corresponding offered assortment of food and beverages, as it varies.

From the point of foundation to the current time frame, we can look back on a long and lasting history. Under the item “About us” you can learn extensively about our history, get interesting insights into our production and the possibilities to cooperate with us.

The Corona pandemic caused many customer voices to be raised and the idea of offering a finely selected range of products for pick-up or take-away was born and realized by us and the developer. We offer a delivery service. Via our website, you can order your food more conveniently than ever directly to your home under “Order now” – with just a few clicks – and pay directly online. The assortment varied by itself, depending on the locale in your area.

Prospective customers, who already operate a restaurant, we offer the possibility of profiting from our reputation and the quality of our ice cream, because over our on-line order tool you can determine on the time exactly to when we are to supply you our ice cream. You can differentiate in taste, quantity and size and conveniently pay online.

We are very pleased to present you the finished website, which is the result of a long coordination process with Yumeda UG, and we are eagerly awaiting your feedback.

di Russillo.